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Spring is coming! 

 Time for us to prepare for the  upcoming bee season...

Our Mission

Our goal is to remove any unwanted bee swarms and hives and place them where they will thrive. We rehab the removed colonies at our farm where we raise and produce bees.  It's a win/win scenario for the ​customer and the bees.​ We service Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, Hill and Hood County.

Our Services

Swarm Removals​

Several times a year bees will put off swarms as a means to reproduce. In this state, bees are fairly docile in nature.  Removals, with the exception of high branches and treetops are fairly simple.  Fees for swarm removals are typically inexpensive.


Cut outs are just what you'd think. They entail cutting out walls and or siding to physically remove a bee colony and comb. Considerably more difficult work is required to do so.  Prices will vary depending on difficulty and risks involved with removal.

Simple Hive Removals

Sometimes bees set up shop in the simplest of things.  These require a lot less work to remove the colony. Prices vary depending on colony size.

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